• MDP Calls for Protection of Net Neutrality Rules on National Day of Action

    Augusta, Maine — Today is the nationwide Net Neutrality Day of Action. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

    “Democrats believe that net neutrality is key to free speech, education, and innovation. All voices are given equal power to be heard through the current free and open nature of the internet, and we believe that right must be protected.

  • MDP Chair Bartlett Statement on End of Government Shutdown

    AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chair Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

    “I am happy to see the end of this needless government shutdown that threatened thousands of Maine workers and their families. Instead of negotiating in good faith, Governor LePage and House Republicans created chaos by forcing the government shutdown and then repeatedly moving the goalpost with ever-changing demands. Their political theater put real Maine people at risk.

  • Governor LePage, ME House Republicans Force Government Shutdown

    AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

    “Instead of negotiating in good faith, Governor LePage and House Republicans are creating chaos. Instead of doing their jobs, they are intent on shutting down government to the detriment of Maine taxpayers, businesses and employees.

  • Mainers Demand GOP Action on a Fair Budget

    On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters lined the halls of the State House with a strong message for the Maine GOP: "Time for a budget for the many, not just the lucky few." The diverse group of Mainers expressed frustration that Governor LePage, as well as Republicans in the Maine House, are willing to shut down state government in order to provide yet another tax cut for Mainers who need it least.

  • Governor LePage Pushes for Government Shutdown, Leaves State

    AUGUSTA, Maine – Today, Governor LePage traveled to Washington, D.C to participate in an energy-themed photo-op despite a looming government shutdown in Maine. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement:

  • No more excuses. Fund our schools!

    What will it take for Republicans to uphold the will of the voters and fully fund our schools?

    In 2004, voters passed an initiative demanding the state fund 55% of the cost of public schools. The Legislature never did that.

    In 2016, voters passed Question 2 – a ballot initiative to finally fully fund our schools by asking the wealthiest Mainers, those making over $200,000 per year, to pay a little more.

  • Op-ed: Opportunity Agenda Budget

    The Maine Democratic Party values investment in all Maine families.

  • Democratic House Speaker Gideon Organizes Freeport Event to Denounce KKK Fliers

    By Dennis Hoey FREEPORT — Residents packed the auditorium at the Freeport Community Center Tuesday night to stand up against a message of racism and hatred that they said will not be tolerated in their community. Organizers estimated that a crowd of more than 200 people came to the event in response to the distribution of Ku Klux Klan fliers in South Freeport on Monday morning. There were so many people at the rally that about 100 had to wait outside and await a second session to hear several guest speakers.

  • Sen. Nate Libby: Trump's Muslim, Refugee Ban is Moral Failure Unparalleled in Modern Era

    AUGUSTA — Sen. Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, joined leaders of his city’s community of New Mainers in denouncing President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from America and banning all travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim countries.The ban denies safe haven to refugees fleeing violence, war, genocide and terrorism.“This order is the most egregious moral failure by the American government in the modern era.” said Libby, the assistant Senate Democratic leader.

  • Senator Cathy Breen: Women's March Energy Must Spur Further Action

    Listen to the full address: I bought plane tickets to Washington, D.C. back in August because I knew I had to go to the inauguration. I took photos of this year’s ballot, with my name right there on the same page as the first woman ever nominated by a major party for president. I was going to see history be made.Things didn’t go as I thought they would. But I still went to Washington last weekend.