Ahead of tonight’s presidential debate, Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra released the following statement:

“Prior to tonight’s debate, Donald Trump once again confirmed for Mainers that his only plan for health care is to take ours away.  Over the last four years, Trump has repeatedly attempted to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, while offering no alternative plan to protect the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions. Tonight, Trump will have to explain to Maine people why he’s demanding the Supreme Court strike down the entire health care law that threatens to immediately rip away coverage from more than 100,000 Mainers.

“Meanwhile, Joe Biden will speak directly to Mainers about how he will build on the Affordable Care Act to make sure that everyone has access to affordable health care, and his plans to contain COVID-19 and build our country back better than before. Maine voters know that Joe Biden understands the issues facing their families and they know he will fight for them, and this November, they’re going to send him to the White House.”