The Maine Democratic Party Platform is our statement of core values, that guides us in all we do.


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The process for writing our Platform, in keeping with our values, is an open and Democratic process: 

  • In the fall of every odd-numbered year, the sixteen Democratic County Committees of Maine elect representatives to the Platform Committee.
  • Over the ensuing fall and winter, the Platform Committee solicits feedback from rank and file Democrats, reviews the existing Platform, and proposes amendments.
  • The proposed amendments are shared widely.
  • Any Democrat can propose additional amendments by taking out an amendment petition and collecting signatures in support of their proposed amendment.
  • If a petition gathers the required signatures, the proposed amendment will be voted on by the state delegates at the State Convention in the spring of even numbered years, along with the proposed amendments from the Platform Committee.
  • The outcome of the State Convention vote determines the Maine Democratic Party Platform until the next State Convention votes again in two years.