The Maine Democratic Party Charter is the set of rules that govern all of our internal Party matters. 

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Charter Amendments

The Charter is a living document, and can be amended as needed:

  • The Charter can be amended by vote of the state delegates to the State Convention in even-numbered years.
  • In between State Conventions, the Democratic State Committee may pass interim amendments to ensure the smooth functioning of the Party, but those interim amendments must be ratified by the next State Convention to become permanent.
  • Additionally, any Democrat can propose an amendment to the Charter by taking out a petition prior to the State Convention in even-numbered years.
  • If the petition gathers the required signatures, the proposed amendment will be voted on by the state delegates along with the interim amendments at the State Convention. 
  • The Rules Committee oversees amendments to the Charter. They receive proposals, review them, work with sponsors to polish them, and make recommendations to the Democratic State Committee and the state delegates at State Convention.

If you have questions about the Charter, please contact the Rules Committee Chair by clicking here.

Other Documents:

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