Just weeks after Senator Susan Collins doubled down on her support for Mitch McConnell and confirmed that if reelected, she will vote to give him another term as Senate Majority Leader, McConnell is taking steps to block bipartisan negotiations for another round of coronavirus relief.



After more than five months of inaction on federal support for struggling Maine communities, Senator Collins is sticking with McConnell as he actively undermines efforts to ensure local governments can continue to provide essential services through the midst of a historic economic and public health crisis.


Over the summer Senator Collins told Politico that if her party couldn’t pass another round of aid in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, then they would have “failed the American people.” Months later, not only have they failed the American people, they’re standing in the way of bipartisan efforts to reach a deal to get more support to the people who need it most.

“A vote for Senator Collins is a vote to keep Mitch McConnell in charge—and in the last few months we’ve seen exactly how dangerous that could be,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “With communities in Maine and across the country in desperate need of more relief to stay afloat through this crisis, Collins and McConnell have made it clear that they’re more interested in playing politics with people’s lives than doing the work they were elected to do.”