Before Medicaid expansion, Mainers “would just go without” the medical care they needed

Today, the Maine Democratic Party hosted a virtual roundtable with State Representative Drew Gattine, Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra, and Donna Wall, a resident of Lewiston who could lose her health coverage if the Affordable Care Act is struck down by the Supreme Court, to discuss Donald Trump’s attempts to dismantle the health care law during a pandemic, and what it would mean for Mainers.

You can watch a recording of the full event here or read excerpts from participants below:

“I have $50,000 in medical debt because I had no MaineCare,” said Donna Wall, resident of Lewiston. “I’m so happy to have MaineCare now because it’s really hard when you have no insurance. Because things do go wrong [...] I don’t have money to go to a doctor, so [when I didn’t have MaineCare] I would just go without. I need to be strong and healthy so I can be able to take care of my kids.” 

“Because of Medicaid expansion, millions of Americans, including 60,000 Mainers, who could not previously afford health care finally got the coverage that they deserved,” said State Representative Drew Gattine. “There’s no mistaking it––the Affordable Care Act has saved and is saving lives. And yet the Trump administration is absolutely determined to strike it down, even in the midst of a global pandemic. And the scariest part is, they have a good chance of being successful.”

“Ever since taking office, Trump and Washington Republicans have done everything they can to sabotage and repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “If they are successful, the consequences for health care in America will be devastating. Premiums and prescription drug prices will skyrocket. Protections for pre-existing conditions will disappear. And millions of people will lose access to health care, including an estimated 105,000 right here in Maine.”