Earlier today, Republican Senator and former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney confirmed that he DID NOT vote for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Senator Susan Collins, who requested her absentee ballot more than two weeks ago, is still refusing to answer questions about how she’s voting.



For 675 days, Collins has refused to say who she’s supporting in the presidential election and now, with just thirteen days left in the campaign, she’s trying to run out the clock and make it all the way to Election Day without giving Mainers an honest answer about who she thinks should be running the country for the next four years.


But despite all her obfuscation, Collins’ record of support for Trump is crystal clear. According to CQ, she’s voted with Trump 94% of the time, including voting to confirm every single one of his judicial nominees in the first two years of his presidency. Trump has backed Collins’ reelection “100%” because he knows that he needs her in the Senate to advance his extreme agenda and continue shielding him from accountability.