• Why Does Shawn Moody Deny Climate Science?

    What does GOP gov nominee say to Maine’s fishermen as thousands of jobs are under threat from climate change?  

    Westbrook, MAINE – The Maine Democratic Party is continuing its series of five key questions for Shawn Moody today by asking: Why does Shawn Moody deny the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activities are contributing to climate change, especially when climate change poses a such a serious threat to Maine’s environment and our economy?

  • SHOT/CHASER: Shawn Moody On Being Compared to Donald Trump

    “I might be fairly new to the party, but I can tell you right now, I will die a Republican and you can print that,” Shawn Moody declared in May. But what does Moody have to say about the Republican Party’s leader in the White House?

  • Does Moody Support LePage-Backed Lawsuit Undermining ACA Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions?

    Westbrook, MAINE – Throughout his primary campaign, Shawn Moody used every dodge in the book to avoid answering questions or taking stances on issues that matter to Maine families.

  • MOMENTUM: Democratic Turnout Blows Republicans Out Of The Water

    Westbrook, MAINE - Maine Democrats showed up in huge numbers last night to vote, far exceeding the turnout of Republicans who went to the polls.

  • What They’re Saying Today: Shawn Moody Is The Next Paul LePage

    Westbrook, MAINE – Reaction is in the morning after the Republican gubernatorial primary and nearly everyone is in agreement: Not only is Shawn Moody the second-coming of Governor Paul LePage, but Moody fully intends to carry on LePage’s agenda for another four years.

  • Maine Democratic Party Statement on Maine Republican Gubernatorial Primary

    Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement on Maine’s Republican gubernatorial primary:

    “After nearly eight years of Governor LePage’s divisive politics and failed policies, all Shawn Moody has to offer is more of the same.

    “From saying he would fight to repeal Medicaid expansion, to suggesting fire extinguishers are an effective deterrent to school shooters, to denying the science behind climate change, Moody has shown that he’s not only fully embraced Paul LePage, but that he’s ready to be his third term.

  • Maine Democratic Party Praises Protection of Ranked Choice Voting

    Westbrook, MAINE - Tonight, Maine Democratic Party Chairman applauded the passage of Question 1, upholding Ranked Choice Voting (RCV):

    “Many people across Maine had the opportunity to use RCV for the first-time and tonight’s results demonstrate that they approve. Indeed, Mainers have made clear -- yet once again -- that they want to restore majority rule by giving themselves more power at the ballot box through ranked choice voting. 

  • VIDEO: LePage Poised to Win Republican Gubernatorial Primary

    Westbrook, MAINE – Republican Governor Paul LePage is poised to handily win a shot to run for his third term, all without even appearing on the ballot. That’s because the Republican candidates for governor – Mary Mayhew, Shawn Moody, Garrett Mason and Ken Fredette – have all fashioned themselves as the second-coming of the governor, spending most of the past several months embracing his most extreme policy positions and fighting to out-LePage one another in the eyes of his voters.

  • Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Tack Even Further to the Extreme Right in Last Salvo To Claim LePage Mantle

    Westbrook, MAINE – In last night’s final televised Republican gubernatorial debate on WMTW News 8, candidates Mary Mayhew, Shawn Moody, and Garrett Mason tacked to the extreme right, pledging to fight to repeal the voter-approved Medicaid expansion law, unequivocally declaring that health care was not a human right, and even going so far as to deny that human activities are largely responsible for climate change, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus otherwise.

  • Poliquin Votes to Take Away Funding for Children’s Health Insurance Program

    Westbrook, MAINE - Today, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett criticized Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin for his vote in favor of President’s Trump’s rescissions package, which cuts unspent funds from the Children’s Health Insurance Program as a way to pay down the national debt. But just months months ago, Poliquin voted to explode our national debt by $1.8 trillion to finance a corporate tax cuts: