All over Maine, voters who supported Senator Susan Collins in previous elections are speaking out about why they can no longer vote for her. Collins’ tanking approval rating recently earned her the distinction of most unpopular Senator in the country, and many of the voters who have turned their backs on her repeated the same reason why they can’t support her ever again: her support of Donald Trump.


Collins wants Mainers to forget everything that she’s done to enable the President and advance his right wing agenda. On Friday, Collins hid out in DC to avoid Trump’s disastrous visit to our state, and when she was asked if she was voting for him she refused to answer for the eighth time. Despite these dodges, it’s clear that Mainers haven’t forgotten that she sides with Trump when it counts. 


We spoke to some of the voters who have abandoned Collins, and here’s what they had to say:



“I can no longer support Susan Collins because number one she supported Kavanaugh and the second big one is she supported no witnesses and evidence in the Trump impeachment trial.”


“She failed to call out Trump on his actions, she supported Kavanaugh when she shouldn’t have, and she’s really been ducking the Maine people, and for that reason I just can’t vote for her again.”



“I voted for Susan Collins in the past but I can no longer support her because she betrayed a lot of people when she voted for Brett Kavanaugh and against impeaching Donald Trump. [...] I don’t feel like I can trust her anymore.”