Senator Collins’ popularity continues to plummet amid another bad week


This week, Senator Susan Collins officially surpassed Mitch McConnell to become the most unpopular Senator in the country. This new all-time-low in the Senator’s popularity comes as she heads into an impeachment trial that threatens to further complicate her path to reelection.


But a popularity nosedive wasn’t the only bad news this week for Maine’s senior Senator.


Monday: Collins Received “Missing Member” Distinction For Failing To Hold Town Hall Since Her “First Years As Senator”


A new report from The Town Hall Project found that while members of Congress from both parties held an increased number of town halls in 2019, Senator Collins remained a “missing member” who apparently has time to attend fundraisers with Washington lobbyists, but not to be accessible or accountable to her constituents in Maine.


Wednesday: Senator Collins Became Trending Topic Over “Absurd” Position On Impeachment Evidence


Senator Collins became a trending topic on twitter after she threw cold water on including new evidence from Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas in the upcoming impeachment trial. Collins’ "absurd position" made headlines and drew widespread criticism.


Also Wednesday: Maine Democrats Delivered More Than 500 Questions From Concerned Constituents Who Want A Town Hall


After being denied a town hall for more than two decades, a team of volunteers from Maine Democratic Party delivered more than 500 questions from Mainers all over the state to Senator Collins’ office in Bangor.


Thursday: New Video Showed Senator Collins Lying To Constituent About Campaign Donations From Big Pharma


A new video showed Senator Collins lying to a constituent about accepting campaign cash from the Sackler family, which owns the pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma. The Sacklers misled doctors, patients and regulators while pushing highly addictive opioids that fueled the ongoing opioid crisis.


Also Thursday: Collins Earned An “F” On Anti-Corruption Scorecard


End Citizens United Action Fund released its first-ever legislative scorecard and gave Senator Collins an “F” because of her failure to reject corporate PAC money and support common sense anti-corruption legislation.


With weeks like this, it’s no wonder that Senator Collins’ popularity in Maine continues to plunge.