After months of opposing efforts to secure support for state and local governments contending with the coronavirus crisis, Senator Susan Collins has changed her tune. But Collins’ recent grandstanding proved to be just empty words when she allowed Mitch McConnell to send the Senate home for a 10 day recess without passing any additional funding. 


In March, Collins took to the Senate floor to decry Senate Democrats while they were negotiating to secure an additional $150 billion for state and local governments as well as more support for hospitals and protections for workers.


And last month, when Senate Democrats were negotiating for more funding for state and local governments and our nation’s hospitals, Collins called them "disgraceful" and, with the help of her colleagues in the Republican caucus, blocked their attempt to secure funding for struggling state and local governments.


“It’s hard to believe that Susan Collins is serious about supporting struggling state and local governments when she has repeatedly fought against efforts to get them funding in the last two months,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “With Mitch McConnell threatening to let states like Maine go bankrupt, we need more than lip service from our Senators. We need a Senator who fights for Maine 100% of the time.”