Following Senate passage of additional coronavirus aid funding, Senator Susan Collins is taking credit for the funding that Maine’s hospitals will receive for coronavirus testing needs. 


In reality, it was Senate Democrats who secured additional funding for hospitals and testing while Senator Collins and her allies in the Republican caucus obstructed desperately needed resources for our nation’s front line health care workers.


Just last week in an interview on the Mike Violette show, Collins decried Senate Democrats’ efforts, saying it was “disgraceful” that they were working to secure aid for hospitals. Now, she wants credit for their work.


“Senator Collins is again trying to play both sides but her record in the Senate couldn’t be clearer,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “She can’t oppose support for our hospitals in Washington DC and then turn around and try to take credit for it when she’s back in Maine. Our health care workers and public health officials have gone above and beyond in the fight to curb the spread of the coronavirus; Senator Collins should be fighting to get them the resources they need, not just taking credit when other Senators do.”