After facing scrutiny for her vote to acquit President Trump without hearing from a single witness and her absurd attempt to justify her refusal to hold the President accountable by saying that he “learned” from impeachment, Senator Collins returned home to Maine and immediately tried to mislead Mainers about her record by claiming that she wanted to hear from former National Security Advisor John Bolton and other key witnesses in the impeachment trial. 


What Senator Collins isn’t telling you is that she blocked witnesses and evidence in the impeachment trial and enabled a cover-up: 


  • Senator Collins gave Mitch McConnell the green light to move ahead with the trial without a guarantee of witnesses or evidence. 

  • During the trial, Collins voted 12 times to block witnesses and important evidence in the impeachment trial -- including from John Bolton. 

  • Even after it was clear that Bolton had relevant information and Republican Senator Mitt Romney was outspoken in calling for Bolton to testify, Collins still “wouldn’t definitively comment” on whether or not witnesses were needed in the trial. 

  • Senator Collins got a “hall pass” to vote for witnesses only after she knew Republicans had the votes they needed.


“Senator Collins enabled this cover-up from the start and Mainers are smart enough to look past her empty words and take a closer look at what she did in Washington,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “Senator Collins voted in lockstep with Mitch McConnell a dozen times to block witnesses and evidence. The fact that she’s trying to tell Mainers a different story today shows she knows what she did was wrong and that Mainers will hold her accountable for it.”