Donald Trump Has Showed No Sign That He’s Learned Anything And Still Contends He Acted “Perfectly” -- Why Does Susan Collins Have Faith in Donald Trump?


After speaking on the Senate Floor to explain her vote to acquit Donald Trump, and after voting 12 times to block witnesses and evidence, Senator Susan Collins decided to go one step further in expressing her belief that the president had “learned'' from impeachment -- despite his own repeated claims that he has done nothing wrong and behaved “perfectly.”


The absurd attempt to excuse her refusal to hold the president accountable underscores how Senator Collins continues to put her own political calculation ahead of finding the facts and upholding the rule of law. A majority of Mainers believed the Senate should demand to hear witness testimony and subpoena key documents, and believed that should Senator Collins vote to acquit, it would be for political expediency


“What exactly has Senator Collins seen in President Trump’s behavior to convince her he’s learned anything from this process?” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “It’s a ridiculous excuse for her refusal to ensure a fair trial and to hold the president accountable.”