Less than two weeks after earning the distinction of most unpopular Senator in the country, Senator Susan Collins continues to face a deluge of criticism from her constituents who are calling her out for putting Mitch McConnell’s priorities ahead of Mainers and attempting to “play both sides.”


It’s clear that Mainers have been paying attention as Senator Collins voted to back Mitch McConnell’s sham trial, when she took an “absurd” position to call new impeachment evidence into question, and as she’s voted to confirm dozens of extreme anti-reproductive rights Trump judicial nominees to lifetime seats on the federal bench. Now, Mainers across the state are confronting the chasm between what Collins says in Maine and how she votes in Washington.





“I think Susan tries to play both sides and appease everybody too much.”- Maine voter Rob Hopkins


“She's following her typical course of wavering all the time….As far as her playing both sides, I find that--I don’t like it, let’s put it that way. And would I stand by her? No.” -Maine voter Sue Hopkins


“She will lose my vote when she runs again. I am very hopeful that she asks for more witnesses and documents.” -Maine voter Stevie Colburn


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Central Maine: We’ve seen this act from Collins before

Let’s face it, we’ve seen this drill countless times before. Sen. Susan Collins will speak again and again about how she has to see and hear the evidence. She will tell us again and again how she has urged Mitch McConnell to allow testimony and prior procedures. Then, if McConnell has all the votes he needs to impose his reactionary will, she will vote to impeach and claim to be moderate. And if McConnell and Trump need her vote to condone election dirty tricks and Putin’s meddling, we all know they have it.

Portland Press Herald: Collins shouldn’t blame Democrats for evidence delay

If Sen. Collins wants a full and fair trial in the Senate, why would she not want to demand to see these documents and get to the bottom of them? And find out why the White House has been so bent on hiding them? Preventing the release of such explosive evidence by questioning why the House did not put it into the record shows, at best, a stunning lack of understanding of her duties as an elected member of Congress. Sen. Collins must follow her conscience, and do her duty. The country’s eyes are on her.

Central Maine: Sen. Collins, do you hear what I hear?

The song’s lyrics just popped into my head as I watched another national crisis developing in the Jan. 22 impeachment presentation of the U.S. House managers. It made me wonder if Sen. Collins can see and hear what I see and hear. I certainly hope so. Thank you to Rep. Adam Schiff and his colleagues.

Portland Press Herald: Senator’s judicial votes don’t line up with her purported views

Frankly I find her “green stamping” record quite disconcerting. Collins has repeatedly gone on the record saying she is in favor of women’s reproductive rights, in favor of a healthy environment, in favor of people’s rights, yet take another look at the federal judges she has voted in favor of since President Trump has come into office.