Politico: Collins “Resents” Being Held Accountable for Voting with the President 94 Percent of the Time 

In a new report, Senator Susan Collins "resents" Mainers who want her to stand up to President Trump, who she’s voted with 94 percent of the time:

More than anything, Collins resents the notion that she hasn’t stood up to the president. "It’s never enough. Never. For those who truly hate the president, I’m never going to be able to do enough for them… I get tired of the 'she speaks but doesn’t act.'"

In fact, Senator Collins has voted more with President Trump than any other president throughout her entire career. What’s more, Senator Collins has become a “more reliable vote” for her party and special interests in Washington than at any point throughout her career. 

Senator Collins’ frustration with voters comes as she faces scrutiny for raising 97 percent of her campaign cash from out-of-state special interests and corporate PACs and attending a private fundraiser hosted by “Trump’s judge whisperer.” In Washington, Collins went along with Republicans to pass a tax law that was a “lopsided giveaway to corporations” while threatening health care and protections for pre-existing conditions and voted for more than 100 Trump judges, including many who have anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ records. 

Recent polling has shown that her disapproval rating has spiked and she is now ranked as the second-most unpopular Senator, after only Mitch McConnell. Earlier this month, Cook Political Report shifted the race from Lean Republican to Toss-up.