Collins Raised 95% Of Her Money From Out Of State, Three Times As Much Money Has Come From Corporate PACs Compared To Mainers

Collins continues to rely heavily on out-of-state money and special interests

According to Senator Susan Collins' most recent FEC report for the second quarter, her campaign continues to rely almost exclusively on big donors, out-of-state money, and Washington special interests for her fundraising - despite the fact that Collins had campaigned on "limiting donations from out of state and would restrict the amounts of money candidates can contribute to their own campaign":

  • 95% of Collins' itemized campaign contributions came from outside of Maine.
  • $167,500 came from corporate PACs.
  • Collins only raised about $25,000 in unitemized donations – barely 1% of her fundraising.
  • More than $427,000 came from the Washington, DC metro area.

Throughout 2019, Senator Collins has almost exclusively relied on out-of-state and special interest campaign cash:

This comes as Collins teamed up with one of "Trump's closest allies" in Washington to raise more than $137,000 for her campaign, with none of it coming from Mainers. Collins is also involved with another fundraising committee that has exclusively relied on out-of-state donations, of which she has received more than $109,000.

Collins has become an increasingly reliable vote for special interests in Washington and went along with Republicans to pass a tax law that was a “lopsided giveaway to corporations” while threatening health care and protections for pre-existing conditions

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra issued the following statement: 

"As Maine Democrats talk to voters throughout the state about issues that are important to them and the change that's needed in Washington, Senator Susan Collins continues to depend on out-of-state special interest money to fund her campaign. This is just more of the same from Senator Collins, who is prioritizing Washington special interests and losing touch with the people she’s supposed to serve and represent."