More than a third of Mainers reported a “very unfavorable” view of Collins


A new poll conducted by Victory Geek shows Senator Susan Collins losing to a generic Democrat in the general election by 10 percentage points. The poll also found Collins’ favorability underwater with Maine voters, with 52% of respondents viewing her unfavorably.


After surpassing Mitch McConnell earlier this year to become the most unpopular Senator in the country, Collins has failed to shift course. Instead of standing up to her party and fighting for Maine, she chose to defend Trump’s disastrous early response to the coronavirus crisis. Even after every other member of Maine’s congressional delegation called for more transparency and accountability from the administration, Collins has done nothing to hold Trump accountable.


“We hear every day from people all over the state that Mainers are fired up and ready to elect a new Senator in November,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “It’s clear that voters want a Senator who will put Maine first, but Collins has shown us over and over again that she is willing to put what Trump and McConnell want ahead of what’s best for our state.”


Maine’s US Senate primary will be held on July 14th. You can read about all three Democratic candidates here.