Senator Collins hasn’t held a town hall in more than 20 years, and her constituents are demanding answers


For the last two decades, Mainers have been denied the opportunity to meet with Senator Collins at a public town hall. Collins -- who once said she believed in the value of the “rough and tumble... town hall” because it represented “unvarnished, direct democracy” -- has continued to refuse invitations to appear at open town halls with her constituents over the past year.


That’s why Maine Democrats have collected more than 500 questions for Collins from her constituents all over the state. 


Here are a few of our favorite questions:


  • David in Brunswick: “Senator Collins, why are you a moderate only before an election?”


  • Bob in Auburn: “Why have you repeatedly voted to dismantle affordable health care for Mainers?”


  • Joan in Brewer: “Why are we (my husband and I) worse off after the bogus tax cut?”


  • Michael in Westbrook: “Why did you vote for giving big corporations huge tax breaks and put Medicare in jeopardy, when people need it?”


  • Carol in Hancock: “Didn't you promise at the start to not serve more than 2 terms? What made you break your promise?”


  • Jerry in Scarborough: “Why do you continue to support Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's refusal to allow the Senate to consider over 400 bills passed by the House?”


  • Jennifer in Portland: “How can you still call your self Pro-choice? By confirming Judge Kavanaugh your actions have put abortion rights at risk.”


  • Kimberly in Smithfield: “When did you stop listening to your constituents?”


Mainers are demanding accountability from Senator Collins and answers to the questions that matter most to them. Next week, Maine Democrats will be hand delivering these questions to Senator Collins’ office. Stay tuned.