State Delegates to Ratify Party Platform and Charter July 18-19; Delegates to National Convention to Participate Remotely

The Maine Democratic Party (MDP) announced today that remote voting to ratify MDP’s platform and charter will take place July 18-19. State delegates who participated in remote elections on May 29-31 for delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be eligible to participate in the ratification process.

Proposed amendments to the charter and platform have been submitted by any Democrat who gathered 25 petition signatures from state delegates and alternates who participated in remote elections May 29-31. The MDP Committees on Rules and Platform are reviewing the proposed amendments and making recommendations on each proposal. All proposed amendments that gathered the needed signatures will go before state delegates as originally written, along with the recommendations of the Committees on Rules and Platform.

Beginning July 1, state delegates will be allowed to make up to two comments on each proposed amendment. Voting to adopt amendments to the platform or charter will occur from July 18 at 8:00 AM to July 19 at 8:00 PM remotely.

For more information on the MDP platform and charter ratification process, visit the MDP’s website here.

Following successful remote elections on May 29-31, the MDP today also congratulated the winners of remote elections for Maine’s 24 pledged delegate slots to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. This week, the Democratic National Convention Committee announced plans to hold a convention that protects public health and engages and unites more Americans than ever before. National delegates will conduct their official business remotely in lieu of traveling to Milwaukee.

Maine’s 24 pledged delegates to the National Convention:


Congressional District 1 Delegates: 

Elizabeth Ralph, Yarmouth (Biden)

Barbara Alexander, Winthrop (Biden)

Craig Hickman, Winthrop (Biden)

William Kelly Jr, Rockport (Biden)

Kailina Mills, South Portland (Sanders)

Joshua Jenkins, Readfield (Sanders)

Michael Sylvester, Portland (Sanders)

Rebecca Millett, Cape Elizabeth (Warren)

Ryan Fecteau, Biddeford (Warren)


Congressional District 2 Delegates:

Bev Uhlenhake, Brewer (Biden)

Allison Gardner, Orono (Biden)

Nicholas MacDonald, Jonesboro (Biden)

Brandon Lieberthal, Orono (Biden)

Megan Louise Smith, Milford (Sanders)

David Weeda, Bucksport (Sanders)

Leah Knightly, Bangor (Sanders)


Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates:

Betty Johnson, Lincolnville (Biden)

Joe Hanslip, Sanford (Biden)

Rachel Talbot Ross, Portland (Sanders)


At-Large Delegates:

Maureen Ramsey, Lubec (Biden)

Jordan Cook, Biddeford (Biden)

Kevin Fickenscher, Kittery (Biden)

Pious Ali, Portland (Sanders)

Marcella Marino, Portland (Sanders)



Elaine Makas, Lewiston (Biden)

Storme St Valle, Augusta (Sanders)

Matthew Bear-Fowler, Hallowell (Warren)


The remainder of Maine’s delegation to the National Convention are automatic, unpledged, delegates. You can find them here.

State delegates also voted for Maine’s new DNC representatives, to begin their terms following the National Convention, Maine’s presidential electors, and new members to the Democratic State Committee (DSC) from all 16 counties.


DNC Representatives:

Rachel Talbot Ross, Portland

Drew Gattine, Westbrook


Presidential Electors:

Shenna Bellows, Manchester (Congressional District 1)

Jay Philbrick, North Yarmouth (Congressional District 1)

David Bright, Dixmont (Congressional District 2)

Betty Johnson, Lincolnville (Congressional District 2)


You can find the winners of each county’s DSC member elections here.