Augusta, MAINE – Following last night’s final State of the State address, Maine’s Republican candidates for governor lined up to embrace Governor LePage and pledge four more years of his failed policies if they are elected. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett issued the following statement in response:

"Under Governor LePage’s policies, Maine has recovered slower, had less economic growth, slower job growth, and slower wage growth than our New England neighbors or the nation as a whole. Under his policies, unemployment remains unacceptably high in rural Maine, poverty has increased, and the social safety net has been shredded.

“This is what Maine’s Republican candidates want four more years of. This is what they applauded after last night’s speech.

“Mainers are ready to turn the page on the governor’s failed leadership, and Democrats are ready to offer bold, new leadership in Augusta that will grow our economy from the middle-class out by empowering and supporting hardworking families.”

Auto-body repair chain shop owner Shawn Moody: "Governor LePage has spent the past seven years working to put Maine’s fiscal house in order and improve Maine’s economy. […] It is critical our next Governor continues to reduce red tape, reduce taxes, and work to grow Maine’s economy. I look forward to tackling those challenges."

Former DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew: “I watched Governor LePage deliver his final State of the State tonight with great pride and admiration for what he has accomplished for our state. […] When I am the next governor, my promise to you is that I will carry on his legacy of doing what is best for Maine taxpayers, what is best for businesses, and best for all of the hard working people of Maine.”

House Republican Leader Ken Fredette: “The reality is, I think this was sort of a little bit of a wrap-up for the governor in terms of talking about the hard work that has been done over the last seven years. […] I expect he’ll be here and he’ll continue to be the very strong chief executive that he’s been for the last seven years.

Senate President Mike Thibodeau called Maine “better off” because of Governor LePage’s time in office.