Collins Votes to Confirm Judge with “Expansive View of Corporate Money in Campaigns”

Collins voted for Michael Liburdi, who built “reputation” on allowing corporations to make political donations, comes as Collins relies more and more on corporate PAC & out-of-state cash

Senator Susan Collins voted to confirm another Trump nominee to a lifetime appointment on the federal court who built a “reputation for his expansive view of corporate money in political campaigns” and was involved with a dark-money political group accused of violating campaign finance laws. This comes after Collins raised nearly 98 percent of her campaign cash from out-of-state in 2019, with three times more coming from corporate PACs than the entire state of Maine -- despite campaigning on limiting money from out-of-state

The nominee Senator Collins backed also: 

  • Opposed a bill that would require disclosure of dark money in political campaigns, arguing that better transparency could suppress speech.

  • Argued in favor of law that allowed larger donations to flow into elections while hamstringing a clean elections rule.

  • Led the Arizona Right to Life PAC, “which supports politicians with anti-abortion records

  • Endorsed court decision allowing many employers the ability to deny their employees access to birth control. 

Collins has become an increasingly reliable vote for special interests in Washington and went along with Republicans to pass a tax law that was a “lopsided giveaway to corporations” while threatening health care and protections for pre-existing conditions