In a surefire sign of desperation, this week Senator Susan Collins’ campaign attempted to attack Sara Gideon by going after her *checks notes* commitment to bringing down drug costs, protecting people with preexisting conditions, and building an economy that works for everyone.



But scoring own goals wasn’t the only thing Senator Collins’ campaign had to worry about this week. Check out a few of the news items that are making them sweat:


Two More Former Collins Backers Flip To Endorse Gideon


This week, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare AND the Maine State Council of Machinists endorsed Speaker Sara Gideon, joining the growing list of organizations that backed Collins in the past who have come out against her this year.


New Polling Shows Collins Falling Behind


A new poll from Colby College brought more bad news for Susan Collins -- with findings indicating Maine voters think she is “too close to Donald Trump and that she has forgotten about Maine” and head to head polling showing she trails Gideon by five points.


Collins Failed To Secure Support For State And Local Governments In GOP Coronavirus Aid Plan


On Monday, Senate Republicans rolled out their proposal for the next round of federal coronavirus aid, and it didn’t include a single dollar of support for state and local governments. With news this week that Maine is facing a $1.4 billion budget shortfall and local officials across the state calling for more federal help, Collins’ inability to secure any state and local aid in her own party’s proposal is a perfect encapsulation of her failure to prioritize Maine communities in Washington.


As Senate Skipped Town Without Progress On Coronavirus Aid, Collins Was Fixated On Old Tweets


And as the Senate was leaving town for a three day weekend after making no progress on coronavirus aid for states and municipalities, Senator Collins was more focused on making an inaccurate claim about a reporter’s two-week-old tweet than what she could do to make sure towns in Maine can continue to provide essential services through this crisis.