After leaving funding for state and local governments out of their coronavirus aid proposal, Senate Republicans wrapped up the week with no agreement to get more help to struggling communities


Senate Republicans just went home for a three day weekend without making any progress on the next round of federal coronavirus aid. After months of inaction from the Senate, the US economy posting its worst ever quarter, and unemployment benefits lapsing for millions of Americans, the need for action couldn’t be more urgent.


But even as communities in Maine and across the country face devastating cuts to essential services without more federal support, Senator Susan Collins failed to secure any funding for state and local governments in the Republican proposal for the next round of coronavirus aid.


“While Susan Collins starts her long weekend, Maine communities are suffering,” said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “It’s unacceptable that Senator Collins let months go by without any progress in the Senate to get state and local governments the resources they need. Mainers can’t afford another week of inaction in Washington.”