Three years ago today, Donald Trump promised in an appearance on Face the Nation that The American Health Care Act, or TrumpCare, would cover preexisting conditions. The president’s promise that TrumpCare would “cover preexisting conditions” and “cover it beautifully” would have actually put 6.3 million Americans with preexisting conditions at risk for higher premiums if the bill had become law. 

Three years later, in the midst of a pandemic, the Affordable Care Act is one of our most critical tools to protect Americans from the consequences of the coronavirus. Yet Donald Trump and Republicans have doubled down on their Supreme Court lawsuit to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, including its preexisting conditions protections. In addition to her record of voting to repeal and undermine the ACA, Senator Susan Collins paved the way for that lawsuit with her vote on the GOP tax bill. If Republicans succeed in their twisted campaign to overturn the entire health care law, the number of uninsured Mainers could increase by 164%.

“From day one in office, Trump has shown he doesn’t value Americans’ health care or public health,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “His Administration, aided by Senator Collins and Congressional Republicans, has made it their mission to sabotage the Affordable Care Act at every turn while completely dismantling it in the courts at a time when we need it the most.”