• Sen. Amy Volk Remains Silent on Candidate’s Racist Social Media Posts But Defends Herself After Her Own Attack On A Civil Rights Group

    After weeks of remaining silent in the face of calls to condemn the racist social media of one of the candidates she recruited, Amy Volk finally authored a lengthy social media post over the weekend...but only to defend herself.

    Rather than condemning the posts of her candidate in SD-23, Rich Donaldson, Volk instead doubled-down in defending herself for calling a leading civil rights organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a “hate group.”

  • Why Does Shawn Moody Deny Climate Science?

    What does GOP gov nominee say to Maine’s fishermen as thousands of jobs are under threat from climate change?  

    Westbrook, MAINE – The Maine Democratic Party is continuing its series of five key questions for Shawn Moody today by asking: Why does Shawn Moody deny the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activities are contributing to climate change, especially when climate change poses a such a serious threat to Maine’s environment and our economy?

  • The Clone Wars Episode 5: Medicaid Expansion: "I would work every day to make sure I elect Republicans in the Legislature so that we can repeal the Medicaid expansion law"

    In the Maine Democratic Party's fifth and final installment of The Clone Wars, we highlight Governor LePage's ideological obstruction of the voter-approved Medicaid expansion law, despite its great promise for the health of our people and our economy, and the Republicans' commitment to repealing it if elected.

  • The Clone Wars Episode 4: The Opioid Epidemic: "The track record of substance abuse treatment programs is ‘pathetic’"

    In the Maine Democratic Party's fourth installment of The Clone Wars, we highlight Governor LePage's tragic record in combatting Maine's deadly opioid crisis, as other Republican governors across the nation make progress, and show how the Republican candidates' want to largely continue his failed policies.

  • The Clone Wars Episode 3: Education: "The Last Liberal Fiefdom Yet To Be Dismantled"

    In the Maine Democratic Party's third installment of The Clone Wars, we highlight Governor LePage's abysmal record on public education, along with the Republican candidates' commitment to continuing LePage's attacks on teachers and his undermining of public school systems in Maine.

  • The Clone Wars Episode 2: “Going Without Can Be A Pretty Good Motivator”

    In the Maine Democratic Party's second installment of The Clone Wars, we highlight Governor LePage's relentless attacks on Maine's poor and the shocking rise of childhood poverty and hunger under his watch. Maine's Republican gubernatorial candidates are poised to continue his policies, with one going so far as to say "going without can be a pretty good motivator".


  • The Clone Wars: LePage's Mini Mes Pursue Four More Years of Stunted Economic Growth

    Welcome to the first installment of "The Clone Wars: LePage's Mini Mes Fight for His Third Term", a new, week-long series by the Maine Democratic Party that highlights the failures of Paul LePage's Administration and the Republican gubernatorial candidates' relentless push to continue them. Up first: LePage's failed economy.


  • Susan Collins: A History of Broken Promises

    In case you missed it, late last night Senator Susan Collins conceded that despite the many commitments and assurances she said she received from the White House and Republican leaders in Congress, the health insurance marketplace stabilization measures she promised would pass in exchange for her support of the GOP tax bill appear to not be happening.

    The following is a timeline of Senator Collins’ comments about the commitments and assurances she received, in case, like many, you’re having a difficult time keeping track of her broken promises and passed deadlines:

  • The LePage Administration’s Failed Record on Protecting Maine Children

    Following Paul LePage’s shameful decision to end a program intended to protect Maine children from child abuse just days after a 10-year-old girl died at the hands of horrific abuse by her parents, we are shining a bright light on the LePage Administration’s complete and utter failure to protect Maine children.

  • The Real State of LePage's Maine

    At Governor LePage's State of the State speech, he delivered more of the same – praise for himself, blame for others, and little effort to forge compromise and move Maine forward. That’s exactly why, despite all of the governor’s bluster, Maine largely lags behind New England and the country in economic growth and why Mainers still feel like they can’t get ahead after seven years of his Administration.