The Executive Committee supervises the affairs of the Democratic State Committee (DSC) between meetings of the DSC. The membership is made up of DSC officers, DNC representatives, Rules & Finance Committee Chairs, representatives for State and Federal level Democratic officials, and 5 at-large members elected by the DSC in January of odd-numbered years.

Executive Committee

  • Bev Uhlenhake
    DSC Chair
  • Julian Rogers
    DSC Vice Chair
  • Vicky Cohen
    DSC Secretary
  • Betty Johnson
    DSC Treasurer
  • Jonathan Goble
    DSC Assistant Treasurer
  • Cara Pelletier
  • Anya Trundy
  • Tina Riley
  • Jonathan Asen
  • Elaine Makas
  • Carl Pease
    Rules Chair
  • Sara Salley
    Chair, Caucus of County Chairs
  • BJ McCollister
    DNC Rep
  • Rachel Talbot Ross
    DNC Rep
  • Lily Herrmann
    Senate Caucus Rep
  • Sean Smith
    House Caucus Rep
  • Jeremy Kennedy
    Gubernatorial Rep
  • Jesse Connolly
    Congressional Rep
  • Margaret Reynolds
    Congressional Rep
  • Tim Grose
    Executive Director
  • Wayne Kinney
    Non-Voting Parliamentarian
  • Aaron Frey
    Attorney General Rep
  • Dottie Canelli
    Secretary of State Rep
  • Kate Knox
    Non-Voting General Counsel