The Platform Committee has completed its work and now submits the following proposal to amend and replace the Party Platform.

The Committee wants to acknowledge upfront that this document is a departure from previous platforms, and there’s a reason why: we approached its purpose differently than in years past. Rather than writing a lengthy list of prescriptive policies that we believe all Democrats should support, we vigorously debated the values we believe all Democrats should hold dear. We urge you to keep in mind that the entire Committee worked together to conceive this new approach that is more accessible to people we want to welcome into the Democratic Party. We are proud of this document, and we hope you will support it.

2020 Draft Proposals for Platform & Charter

Our 2018 Platform, Charter (formerly called "Rules"), and State Committee By-laws were adopted at our 2018 Maine Democratic State Convention.


  • Ben Grant
    Platform Chair
  • Bob Wake
    Rules Chair
  • Lynne Williams
    Grievance Chair