Westbrook, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today called on Maine’s Republican gubernatorial candidates to tell the people of Maine if they would try to obstruct Medicaid expansion in the wake of yesterday’s Superior Court decision compelling Governor LePage to begin the process of expansion.

          “At every turn, Maine’s Republican candidates for governor have said they oppose expanding Medicaid. But now that the Court has compelled the LePage Administration to follow the law, would they continue to try to stand in the way or would they finally follow the will of the people?” asked Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “Maine people know where the Democratic candidates stand, and they deserve to know where the Republicans stand.”

Shawn Moody, Mary Mayhew, Ken Fredette, and Garrett Mason have all repeatedly stated their opposition to expanding Medicaid, despite Maine people overwhelmingly approving it at the polls and the significant benefits it would have for Maine people and Maine’s economy. Mayhew and Mason have even gone so far as to say that they would actively work to outright repeal expansion.