The Portland Press Herald calls Shawn Moody “the most supportive” of CMP’s controversial pipeline project of all gubernatorial candidates

Westbrook, MAINE — As Governor LePage travels across Europe for private meetings with Central Maine Power’s foreign owners, LePage’s successor, Shawn Moody, is taking thousands in campaign donations from CMP’s corporate PAC and senior executives at the company.

“Why is Shawn Moody taking thousands in campaign donations from CMP?” asked Phil Bartlett, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “CMP’s new corridor proposal is an issue that’s on the minds of Mainers, and Moody’s willingness to take thousands in campaign contributions from CMP raises serious questions about where his priorities are.”

One of the most pressing issues to face Maine over the next four years will be the fate of CMP’s proposed power line corridor from Canada to Massachusetts. While many Mainers want to get the facts about this controversial project, Governor LePage has steamrolled his way forward and even attended a secret, closed-door meeting with CMP’s foreign owners to discuss the project.

Now, Shawn Moody—LePage’s hand-picked successor—is running for the Blaine House, and he’s admitted his policies would be a continuation of LePage’s. During this campaign, the Portland Press Herald described Moody as the gubernatorial candidate who was “most supportive” of CMP’s proposal, and campaign finance data shows Moody has taken $2,600 from CMP’s corporate PAC and senior executives.  

After taking thousands from CMP and pledging to continue LePage’s policies as Governor, can voters trust Shawn Moody to take on CMP and stand up for Maine ratepayers and those who would be affected by this project?