Where is Susan Collins? Still Holding Out-of-State Fundraisers Instead of Town Halls

Collins once supported limits to out-of-state money when she first ran for office but now relies on it – less than 1 percent of Collins' campaign cash came from Mainers

We asked where Senator Susan Collins was just three days ago, and now it looks like she's made her way to yet another out-of-state fundraiser. This comes after Collins raised more than 99 percent of her campaign cash this year from out-of-state donors - including five times more from the Texas oil & gas industry than Mainers. Her reliance on special interests and support outside of Maine is a departure from a position she took more than 20 years ago when she first ran for Senate to limit out-of-state money.

Despite the fact that congressional recess is a time when senators go back home to listen to their constituents, Collins spent most of the week out of the state. This means constituents won’t get the opportunity to attend a town hall - something Collins has refused to do for roughly 20 years, and she even “stonewalled” efforts to hold such a meeting at all. But maybe she's afraid of facing tough questions about her reliable votes to repeal health care and pre-existing conditions protections, a tax bill that handed out corporate welfare while sticking it to everyday Mainers, and anti-choice judges who could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Lisa Roberts issued the following statement: 

“Follow the money - Senator Collins raises campaign cash from out-of-state special interests, and then returns the favor by reliably voting for health care and tax bills and judicial nominations that hurt Mainers. The least she could do is face her constituents who have been negatively affected by these votes.”