Westbrook, MAINE – In the wake of alarming reports about Judge Brett Kavanagh’s alleged sexual assault of a woman while in high school, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today called on Republican gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody to state his position on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Does Moody side with Governor LePage in support of Kavanaugh’s nomination, particularly in the wake of these allegations?

“Every American should be concerned about these troubling allegations,” said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. “Governor LePage has said that he supports Judge Kavanaugh. What does Shawn Moody think of his nomination? Given these accusations, and the significant impact his confirmation would have on our state, don’t the people of Maine deserve to know where the candidates stand? It’s time for Moody to come out of hiding and answer this question.”

Kavanaugh has been under has been under intense scrutiny for a controversy surrounding production of documents relevant to his nomination, for misleading the Senate under oath, and, most recently, the allegations of sexual assault.