During negotiations for the last two coronavirus aid packages, Senator Susan Collins actively opposed efforts to secure desperately needed funding for state and local governments contending with the coronavirus crisis. 


In March, Collins took to the Senate floor to decry ongoing negotiations to secure aid for hospitals, protections for workers, and funding for state and local governments and tried to push through an inadequate version of the bill. Then in April, Collins and her Republican allies in the Senate blocked efforts to include additional support for states and municipalities.


Despite her opposition to repeated efforts to secure funding for struggling state and local governments, Collins has already tried to take credit for $150 billion in funding secured by Senate Democrats.


“Senator Collins has opposed additional funding for struggling state and local governments twice,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra. “With Mitch McConnell threatening to let states like Maine go bankrupt, we need a Senator that will take every opportunity to fight for our state. Collins has already proven that she’s more interested in towing the party line.”