Today, in a new video from national Republicans in Washington, Senator Collins said she asks herself before every vote “what would be the impact on the state of Maine.” Given Collins’ track record of voting to put corporate special interests over the needs of hardworking Mainers, it’s unclear how she justifies the votes she’s taken that have put her out-of-state donors over the needs of our state.


Here are just a few examples of Senator Collins’ votes that have hurt Mainers:


Collins’ vote for the GOP tax giveaway


Senator Collins KNEW that her vote would lead to double digit health care premium increases for Mainers all while giving enormous tax breaks to big corporations and increasing the national debt by nearly $2 trillion.


Collins’ votes to put Mainers with pre-existing conditions at risk


In addition to Senator Collins’ votes to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, the 2017 tax bill that she supported has sparked a lawsuit that would end coverage protections for hundreds of thousands of Mainers with pre-existing conditions.


Collins’ vote to confirm a Labor Secretary who worked to erode worker’s rights


Senator Collins cast the deciding vote to send Eugene Scalia’s nomination to the full Senate, even though when Scalia was involved in legal battles against employees of Bath Iron Works he argued that bosses should be allowed to “unilaterally” alter workers’ pension plans.


Collins’ vote against holding opioid manufacturers accountable


After taking tens of thousands of dollars from the corporate PACs of the major drug companies fueling Maine’s opioid crisis, Senator Collins voted AGAINST holding opioid manufacturers accountable for their part in the epidemic.