Senator Susan Collins continues to come under fire for her outrageous claim that Trump learned a “pretty big lesson” from impeachment and would be “much more cautious” in the future. This week, news outlets across the state are highlighting Collins’ ridiculous statements and calling out her refusal to answer tough questions.


See what they’re saying about Senator Collins’ ludicrous justification for capitulating to Trump:


Portland Press Herald: Our View: A week of lessons learned by Sen. Collins and the nation


“Following Republican senators' capitulation in the impeachment trial, nothing is stopping President Trump from settling scores and seizing power.”





“Maine Senator Susan Collins confronted with a tough question today about her vote to acquit President Trump and her comment that President Trump ‘learned’ from impeachment.”





“Senator Susan Collins first said she believed the president did learn a lesson after his impeachment but she walked that back the next day speaking with us when we asked about it, saying she ‘hopes’ the president has learned a lesson. Today a reporter pushed her on that after all four prosecutors in the Stone case quit.”