Over the last month, as both the Maine GOP and Maine Democrats held their party conventions, the messages that each party will focus on in the upcoming election have been made clear. Maine people have noticed the difference—while Democrats are focused on the issues Maine families are facing, the Maine GOP is more concentrated on a fringe agenda from the national Republican playbook. Here’s what letter writers across the state said this week:

  • James Bilancia, Brewer: Under Gov. Mills we have had a massive jobs recovery, increased education funding, property tax relief, strong budget surpluses, checks sent directly to taxpayers, successful COVID vaccinations, increased access to health care, and a refreshing return to civility and cooperation in Maine government. And what did we get with Paul LePage and Republicans when they were in charge? Nastiness, division, embarrassment, tax schemes, nothing on healthcare, and attacks on voting rights.
  • Julie Blodgett, BathThe Maine Republican Party is playing into the culture wars in this country and avoiding a focus on ideas that Maine’s future depends on: economy, environment, education.
  • Toby Cinamon Rabold, Falmouth: What have the Republicans done for the working class? Reduced taxes for only the richest, raising them for the poorest so they have skin in the game? Eliminated safety regulations in the workplace, discouraged the formation of unions trying to protect against those hazards? Dictated how a woman controls her body? Ostracized children struggling with their sexuality? Cutting Social Security?...I seriously can’t think of one.
  • Aaron Bergeron, Portland: LePage has turned into a political insider who is out of touch with the needs of everyday working people. If he was against celebrating Maine workers in 2011, how can we reasonably expect LePage to champion us in 2022 and beyond? Respectfully, because of his public political record, I believe that LePage does not have our backs.