Less than three weeks away from Maine’s gubernatorial election, Mainers from all across the state are making their voices heard, and the consensus is loud and clear: Governor Mills deserves to be re-elected:

Matthew Scott, Belgrade: “Janet Mills is one of us. She comes from the rural town of Farmington and understands our ways of the sporting community and the life we live. Janet Mills is very pragmatic and commonsensical and just plain down to earth to talk to. We have never, in my lifetime (I am 87), had a governor of this character.”

Peter Garrett, Winslow: “Gov. Mills…has worked tirelessly since her inauguration on climate issues. Her Climate Council brought together people from both parties, business leaders, conservationists, sportsmen, farmers and fishermen to produce “Maine Won’t Wait.” We need Janet Mills for a second term as governor.”

Paula Arsenault, Boothbay: “I want four more years of Mills’ effective leadership to add on to her historic investments in Maine - such as fully funding our public schools for the first time in Maine history, establishing a new Climate Action Plan to provide recommendations for achieving the state's bold climate targets while protecting our pristine natural resources, and her following the will of Maine voters by expanding health care to more than 93,000 people.”

Andrea Thompson McCall, South Portland: “She and her well-chosen team of leaders guided us through the worst of the COVID pandemic with exemplary results among the states…A vote for Mills is a vote for positive, steady, respectful leadership.”

Some writers praised the governor and warned of the threat that Paul LePage poses to the state:

Mary Ann Larson, Cumberland: “What do we want to wake up to over the next four years? News of progress addressing real problems Mainers deal with every day, or culture war battles meant to distract you from the failed and/or nonexistent policies of the Republican Party?”

CH Keefe, Ellsworth: “Let us not trust a governor who has walloped us hard in our wallets to again meddle with our economy. Let us have four more years of a steady hand on the helm. Let us keep Janet Mills in office.”

Marianne O’Connor, Lisbon Falls: “This Halloween, the scariest thing facing Maine voters is the idea of Paul LePage back in the Blaine House…LePage has attended past events with Maine Right to Life, an organization with what I believe is a right-wing agenda…I believe LePage would allow anti-abortion bills to take effect without his signature, which is an option available to Maine governors.”