With just over three months until Maine’s gubernatorial election, Paul LePage is trying as hard as possible to avoid answering key questions about his plans for Maine. The duck-and-dodge approach is so prevalent within LePage’s bid to retake the Blaine House, that the Bangor Daily News editorial board pointed out that, “Once I’m governor, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do” might as well be LePage’s campaign slogan.

LePage’s attempt to escape accountability for his disastrous record and unpopular agenda is completely unacceptable. It’s time that LePage give Maine voters the answers they deserve about what another LePage term would look like:

What are LePage’s plans for our abortion rights?

Will LePage double down on the disastrous policies of his first administration?

“There is a reason Paul LePage is trying to hide his plans from Maine voters - his agenda for another term is just as unpopular and disastrous as his previous eight years in office,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “It’s time for LePage to come clean and own up to his out-of-touch positions.”