In an interview with conservative radio last week, Paul LePage confirmed that he still opposes MaineCare expansion, saying “you know how I feel about expanding Medicaid—it's bad for everybody.” His blunt answer painted a stark contrast with his earlier claim not to repeal anything that is “good for Maine people.”

The remark also reinforces the notion that, despite trying to portray himself as “LePage 2.0”, he hasn’t changed at all. In fact, LePage himself recently said that a third term would look an “an awful lot like what we did in the first administration.” For eight years, LePage blocked the expansion of Medicaid, even overturning the will of Maine’s voters to prevent the health care expansion which now covers more than 93,000 Maine people. Now, it looks like he could be considering how to undo this progress by repealing the expansion if he can weasel his way back into office.

“For eight long years, Paul LePage denied tens of thousands of Maine people the health care they needed and deserved,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “Now that we’ve finally expanded that care under Governor Mills, LePage is back and clearly ready to rip away health care coverage once again. These comments make it clear that LePage is still a threat to Mainers’ health and well-being. We can’t go back.”