MDP Chair Phil Bartlett says LePage should look to Washington State as an example of how state can protect consumers:

Augusta, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released the following statement today in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) vote to abolish a rule maintaining net neutrality:

“Today, the FCC placed the interests of big telecom companies ahead of the interests of every day Mainers, and as a result, opportunity, education, and innovation will likely suffer. 

“Governor Paul LePage now has the opportunity to stand up and defend Mainers by examining ways that the state can protect consumers. The Maine Democratic Party calls on him to look to Washington State – which is taking steps at the state-level to defend net neutrality – as an example of what can be done.

“We also call on all Republican gubernatorial candidates – Shawn Moody, Mary Mayhew, Ken Fredette, Mike Thibodeau, and Garrett Mason – to tell people across Maine if they will stand up and defend their right to an open and free internet. 

“We applaud Congresswoman Chellie Pingree for her strong opposition to the FCC’s vote. Congressman Bruce Poliquin, on the other hand, should be embarrassed by his silence and his past vote to put the wallets of telecom companies and their high-paid lobbyists over the best interests of Mainers in the 2ndDistrict. 

“Fundamentally, Democrats believe that net neutrality is key to free speech, education, and innovation. All voices are given equal power through the free and open nature of the internet. Without it, we fear the reach of independent, underrepresented, and marginalized voices will be stamped out by greedy gatekeepers.”