Collins broke her promise & supported GOP corporate tax giveaway even though it laid the groundwork for lawsuit that now threatens coverage for more than 40% of Mainers 


On November 14, 2017, Congressional Republicans attached a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage requirement to their tax giveaway bill and even though Senator Collins promised Mainers she wouldn’t vote for the legislation that did not include a health care fix, she broke that promise and voted for the tax law. Senator Collins’ tax policy stuck Mainers with four-figure health care premium increases and sparked a lawsuit that could end coverage protections for the nearly 600,000 Mainers who have a pre-existing conditions.

Collins herself admitted that the premium increases were entirely avoidable, but rather than fighting for working Mainers, she chose to support a tax bill that gave away billions to big corporations, and is adding nearly $2 trillion to the national debt — threatening Social Security and Medicare.

“This wasn’t the first time Senator Collins targeted our health care - she voted against the Affordable Care Act and has also voted more than a dozen times to repeal it,” said Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “Time and again, she has broken her promises and put our health care at risk. Mainers are still paying the price.”