Today, as Joe Biden released his comprehensive and aggressive plan to further women’s economic and physical security and ensure that women can fully exercise their civil rights, it became even more clear that under Donald Trump, Maine women have been dealt a terrible hand. When campaigning for President in 2016, Trump claimed that he would “do more for women than anyone else.” Since taking office, Trump has broken promise after promise, and has enacted policies which have endangered women’s health, safety, and livelihoods.

“Donald Trump’s presidency has been a disaster for women,” said Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. “His administration’s cruel and ineffective policies have endangered our health, threatened our physical safety, and reduced our opportunities in the workforce. Joe Biden has a plan to fight for Maine women and undo the damage from this presidency, which is why we’re going to send him to the White House this November.”


Promise: “I’m going to be best for women’s health issues.” [Press Availability,

Waukesha WI, MSNBC, 4/5/16]

Reality: Trump aimed to have the entire ACA struck down, which would allow insurers to charge women more and refuse to cover maternity care. He also has repeatedly and aggressively pushed an anti-choice agenda, cutting funding to organizations which provide abortion care, nominating a record number of anti-choice federal judges, and jeopardizing access to birth control for women across the country.

Promise: “Nobody will give greater security to our country for women.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Appleton, WI, 3/30/16]

Reality: Trump rescinded Obama-era campus sexual assault guidelines, taking us back to a time when sexual assault and harassment were swept under the rug. He also rolled back an Obama-era rule which banned forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment or discrimination.

Promise: “Our agenda will fight to increase pay and opportunities for women in the workforce.” [USA Thank You Tour Rally, Cincinnati OH, 12/1/16]

Reality: Trump repealed an Obama executive order which ensured that federal contractors had to have equal pay for equal work, and pushed a bill to cut maternity leave time in half. And, Trump’s botched coronavirus response made this public health crisis worse than it needed. During the pandemic, women have been disproportionately likely to be laid off, to have left the labor market, or to quit their jobs to care for their families.