Yesterday, Joe Biden unveiled a plan to create millions of jobs by investing in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure. This starkly contrasts with Donald Trump’s repeated failures to advance a clean energy economy and address pressing infrastructure needs and climate concerns.

While the climate crisis is already causing significant disruptions to Maine industries, including lumber, fishing, and lobstering, a 2018 climate report released by the Trump Administration predicted catastrophic job losses without aggressive action. Yet Trump has blocked progress at every turn. From calling climate change a “hoax”, to withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Deal, to proposing cutting funding for the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by 75 percent, Trump has actually done his best to ensure the U.S is less competitive globally and hurt future job creation.

As Joe Biden prioritizes fighting climate change, and creating jobs in the process, Trump has caved to special interests, boosting the fossil fuel industry and essentially giving up on any sort of infrastructure plan that would create new jobs or combat climate change.

“Donald Trump has failed to mobilize this country around the existential threat of the climate crisis,” said Lisa Roberts, Executive Director of the Maine Democratic Party. “With its catastrophic effects bearing down on the state of Maine, we cannot wait any longer. We must elect Joe Biden in November so that, as a nation, we can finally start to mitigate climate change and create millions of clean energy jobs in the process.”