Augusta, MAINE – Maine Democratic Party Chairman today called on Senator Susan Collins to return home to Maine to face her constituents before she votes on the Republican tax bill next week: 

“As far as we can tell, in the two weeks since Senator Collins cast her shameful vote for the corporation-enriching Republican tax bill, she hasn’t traveled home to Maine – like she usually does – to face her constituents. If she has, she certainly hasn’t been public about it. 

“While Mainers have protested at her offices, staged sit-ins, and even been arrested trying to have their voices heard, Senator Collins has hidden or taken to national TV in an attempt to justify her vote with flimsy logic and disproven arguments.

“Perhaps she has spent a lot of her time furiously negotiating to save her deals, since Speaker Ryan and members of the House appeared poised to toss them to the side. But Senator Collins should know, even with her shaky deals, the Republican tax plan fails to substantially benefit the middle class, lines the pockets of millionaires, billionaires and giant corporations, increases health care costs, and explodes the deficit. On every account, this is a bad bill. 

“The people of Maine are telling Senator Collins to oppose the Republican tax bill. We hope she will at least come home this weekend to hear them out in person before next week’s vote.”