Today, Maine Conservation Voters endorsed Governor Janet Mills for re-election. The endorsement highlights Governor Mills’ record as a champion for climate action who has turned Maine into one of the nation’s leading states in curbing emissions and preparing for the effects of the climate crisis on Maine’s people, economy, and environment.

“Only one candidate – Governor Janet Mills – will develop clean renewable energy, tackle climate change, and ensure that our land, water, and wildlife are protected for future generations,” said Maureen Drouin, Executive Director, Maine Conservation Voters. “Time is precious. What we do over the next few years will determine what future we create for our children. We need a Governor of Action—we need Janet Mills.”

Maine Conservation Voters also made clear that Paul LePage spent eight years at best ignoring and at worst exacerbating the climate crisis, and his potential return to the Blaine House presents a threat to Maine’s environment, the Maine way of life, and Mainers’ livelihood:

“Paul LePage was willing to sacrifice the health of our environment and weaken protections for our kids time and again,” Drouin continued. “He kept the state-dependent on oil and gas and turned his back completely on the potential of clean technology as an economic engine for our state that would bring good-paying union jobs and long-term price stability. Paul LePage’s lack of action on climate change was short-sighted and irresponsible.”

The choice is clear. Governor Mills will fight to protect Maine’s environment, way of life, and livelihoods. Paul LePage has no problem with letting them be destroyed.

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