This week, at least two Maine Democratic county committees received a mailing containing white nationalist literature. The mailings were similar, if not identical to the flyers sent to Democratic legislators last month. Scans of the mailings are available upon request.

Maine Democratic Party Chair Bev Uhlenhake released the following statement:

“The mailers sent this week to local Democratic committees, and last month to Democratic state legislators, are an attack on Maine values and Maine people. In a time where political violence is on the rise nationwide, it seems clear that the purpose of this mailer is to intimidate Democratic legislators, volunteers, and voters by injecting fear and uncertainty into our political discourse.

“The reality is that our state and nation are growing increasingly diverse every year. As Maine Democrats, we believe that everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation, or their gender identity should be able to find a home here in Maine, free of fear and persecution. We will not stand by and allow this divisive and inflammatory rhetoric to become commonplace, nor will we allow our friends and neighbors to become political targets for the latest iteration of an extremist white nationalist movement.”