“I might be fairly new to the party, but I can tell you right now, I will die a Republican and you can print that,” Shawn Moody declared in May. But what does Moody have to say about the Republican Party’s leader in the White House?

SHOT“I don’t think anybody is going to compare me personally to President Trump.” [Portland Press Herald, 6/13/18]

Well, except Shawn Moody compared Shawn Moody to Donald Trump:

CHASER“When you look at Governor LePage, he’s an outsider, he’s a businessman. [...] President Trump is an outsider, businessman. I’m an outsider. I’m a businessman.” [Free Press Online, 5/24/18]

In fact, Moody has repeatedly compared himself to Donald Trumppraised Trump for his leadership, and adopted much of Trump’s and LePage’s extreme rhetoric during the far-right primary. Moody even attacked his primary campaign opponents as working for “liberal Democrats”, leading the Bangor Daily News to conclude, “Ad wars in Maine’s governor’s primary are anything but civil.”