Westbrook, MAINE – Last week, Shawn Moody told Mainers at a gubernatorial forum that he supports President Trump’s tariffs that destabilized and significantly harmed Maine’s lobster and fishing industries. “There’s going to be a short-term pain for the long-term gain,” said Moody. “I support the tariffs...They’re going to have to look for other markets.”

“By telling Maine workers that he supports tariffs on their industries, Shawn Moody is sending them a clear message that he is willing to side with President Trump’s interests over theirs,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett. “Even Bruce Poliquin and Governor LePage are willing to speak out against President Trump’s irresponsible trade war and the damaging effect it’s having on working folks. This is another example of Moody being out of touch with Mainers.”

Moody’s position is out of line with Maine’s Congressional Delegation, including Bruce Poliquin, and is even more extreme than Governor LePage’s stance on the issue. Peter Steele, communications director for LePage, said recently, ‘The governor has been in contact with the Trump administration about the deleterious effects of tariffs on the Maine businesses, including the lobster and steel industries.’”