Westbrook, MAINE – Curious to know how auto-body repair chain shop owner Shawn Moody went from self-proclaimed political independent to Paul LePage-clone? Well, you’re in luck: over the weekend, the Bangor Daily News broke down the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s extreme rightward shift, comparing the inconsistencies of his past rhetoric with his current statements and highlighting his changing policy positions (when he has them at all).

Here are some excerpts from the story:

“Eight years ago, Shawn Moody ran for the Blaine House with a campaign website that read, ‘I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative.’ His new site calls him ‘a lifelong conservative.’”

“…some inconsistent or at least unclear stances…”

“To Bailey, running as a Republican makes Moody look like the kind of politician that he campaigned against then and now. ‘It sort of shows he’s more interested in winning than getting that philosophy out that he talked about.’”

“But his campaign has yielded few specific planks. Moody is light on policy.”

“In a radio interview then, Moody said people’s choices on abortion are ‘up to them to make’ and he wouldn’t push a ‘personal or social agenda.’ Now, he says he has always been ‘pro-life’ and is voicing it because he realizes ‘people want to know and they need to know.’”

“In an interview, Moody admitted he ‘didn’t really understand’ the question then.”

“…he is the right person to guard LePage’s legacy…”

“…shifted to be more appealing in a Republican primary…”

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