Westbrook, MAINE – While nearly 60 percent of Maine people voted to approve Medicaid expansion because of its substantial benefits for the health of Maine people and the health of the state’s economy, Shawn Moody is continuing to echo Governor LePage’s obstructionist rhetoric on its future. Here’s how the press characterized Moody’s embrace of LePage’s tactics:

Washington Post: “The winner of last month’s crowded Republican primary, whose spokeswoman is LePage’s daughter, has endorsed his hard-line approach.”

National Journal Hotline: “Moody Alliance with LePage on Medicaid Could Cost Him. He endorsed the outgoing governor’s hard-line approach.”

Portland Press Herald: “In a statement released before Mills’ appearance with Inslee, Moody campaign spokeswoman Lauren LePage made clear that the Gorham businessman is on the same page as her father the governor.”

NewsCenterMaine: “Meanwhile, Republican Shawn Moody’s campaign said he will enforce the law if elected, but echoed LePage saying that funding Medicaid will have to meet the same requirements the governor outlined.”

WMTW News 8: “The Republican gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody sides with Governor LePage on the Medicaid expansion issue.”

Interestingly, while Moody spokeswoman Lauren LePage – who is also Governor LePage’s daughter – says Moody “will enforce the law”, Moody himself has said he would fight to repeal Medicaid expansion as governor and that “we can’t let it happen.” Moody can’t run from his own words – and the people of Maine deserve to know it.